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The Year of the rat hasn’t had the best of starts. The impact of Covid-19 has affected over 121,656 people on a global scale, causing panic and a damaging impact on the world’s economy. Many organisations have closed their doors – shutting factories, cancelling major industry events and putting a stop to business-related travel. In response to the outbreak, some companies are making contingency plans in preparation for the spread of coronavirus. A number of large tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google have advised staff to work remotely in a bid to curb the outbreak and companies working in digital communication, have subsequently noticed a bump in share prices in recent days.

For many, the widespread embrace of remote work is a welcome change, and for others a hinderance. It seems that the outbreak of Covid-19, is putting remote work to the test and has created a need for management to re-evaluate the effectiveness between relationships of staff, procedures and the structure of its organisation. This is showing companies how well its employees can function, when not in close proximity to each other. Some organisations seem to be doing well at facilitating remote working, however not all are as prepared to mobilise a remote working solution. So, how can businesses be preparing to reduce risk?


Remote Solutions


Despite studies showing that there are great benefits, only 10% of people work from home in Europe. Remote working can significantly improve staff retention, increase efficiency for firms and employees, lower commuting costs and stress levels. There are multiple ways to establish remote work opportunities for your business.

If you have plans for your team to work from home,  it is important that everyone has the tools they need to get the job done. This may consist of hardware, i.e. a laptop, or a work mobile, good internet connection and a dedicated work space. Very few businesses today could function without IT assets and other technologies that support business operations. How you want to operate makes a huge difference on what kind of solution will be best for your company.


Restoration Solutions


With shortages of manufactured components coming from China, Nexus Fusion’s remanufactured solutions could be a great alternative for your business.

The team at Nexus Fusion can assist you in the customisation of all PCs, to meet your individual needs. All our remanufactured hardware has been professionally re-conditioned and tested to ensure the highest quality and performance from all components.

Our services include customising and upgrading, as well as installation of specific operating systems or memory size. We will install any components purchased alongside the primary device and apply images where one has been provided. You choose the components, we build, test and ship your PC straight to you!

Much of the valuable metals and resources within hardware, can be reused again. If your organisations PCs are no longer required, then it’s time to think about disposing of them. By returning your old hardware to us, we will arrange for them to be securely wiped clean and ethically disposed of.

By restoring end-of-life products rather than discarding them, the need for raw materials and energy to produce new parts is minimised, significantly reducing waste and CO2 emissions. Often, the process can be repeated multiple times, greatly extending the life span of these non-renewable products and hugely benefiting the environment.


Security Solutions


Your organisations hardware is essential to the functionality of your business and maintaining their efficiency is important to work productivity and performance.

All employers should be ensuring that necessary applications, security measures and systems are up to date and installed on every device being used, both internally and externally. By rushing to keep up with current affairs, many are compromising on security and exposing their organisation to risks.

Nexus Fusion have a history of success helping clients with networking and security.

We can design a system for you – installing any wired and wireless elements, setting up the software or data packages you need. Options for remote working may involve Virtual Private Networks, setting up a cloud computing network, or simply sharing files between home offices to create a virtual office setup. Our team understand the challenges that come from remote working and have experience in installation and implementation of leading edge systems. This means we can set up a resilient and secure network that is reliable and tailored to your needs. We’ll also take into account all your coverage and bandwidth requirements and assess what kind of Wi-Fi hardware would be most efficient for your business.


To summarise…


It is not clear what the impact of coronavirus will be in the long term, but it looks to be promoting a change in workplace behaviour and the way businesses work in future. For more information on remote working, security or hardware, contact us. Our specialist team can help you establish and properly set up your IT infrastructure, whether you choose cloud services, a VPN, or a remote access solution – we can advise on what will work best for your company’s set up.