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We’ve all been there. You have slow or unused devices taking up time and space in the office, but you don’t know what to do with them. It seems wasteful and unsafe to give them away or take them to the tip but where do you start with wiping the hard drives and getting rid of them securely?

There is a big demand for refurbished PC’s and laptops. You can free up office space, earn yourself some cash and help reduce your carbon footprint all at once by recycling your unused technology.

We receive thousands of products each year for recycling. Out of those approximately 20% are broken down for recycling but the other 80% are refurbished and reused. Once we re-market the refurbished equipment, we’ll thank you by sending you money back to use on new or refurbished products.

Keep your data secure

Your security is our main concern, so we promise your data’s in safe hands with us. We’ll remove all data from the device as soon as we receive it and you will receive an asset report and data destruction certificate for your peace of mind.

Earn money back

If we re-market your recycled products once refurbished, we’ll thank you by sending you money back to use on new or refurbished products.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Keeping your old devices out of landfill reduces powerful carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions. Once we receive your old equipment, we’ll analyse it and decide whether it can be restored or sent to a less fortunate country to reuse, or if it is in fact at the end of its life in which case it can be used for parts.

Find more information on our green IT processes or get in touch to discuss your business requirements with one of our friendly Account Managers.