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Say Hello to Windows 10 Pro |

Time is running out! After 10 years, Microsoft have announced that the ongoing support for Windows 7 will no longer be available after the 14 January 2020. This means that your device will still be able to function, but you will not receive any technical support, software updates or security fixes from Microsoft. While it will still be possible to continue using your Laptop or PC without continued software and updates, there will be a higher risk for viruses and malware to attack. The new Windows 10 Pro update will enable your device to remain secure and create a better overall Windows experience, including speed improvements and lots of shiny new features. Microsoft are reeling the update out to its customers in batches, so when the update is ready for your device it will become available to download from the Windows Update page in Settings. Select a time that works for you, download the update, restart your device and complete the installation. If the update hasn’t reached your PC yet, you can download Microsoft’s ‘Update Assistant’ tool to install it manually. Microsoft have taken the time to make sure the update is free of any major issues, by spending an extra month on testing. Although it is possible to install the Windows 10 Pro update on your older device, it is not however recommended. Why not update your device to a new HP Elitebook or Probook? Experience the update with better productivity, brand new features, stronger end-to-end security and multi-tasking with modern Windows 10 Pro devices.

Top 4: New improvements and features |

When updating to Windows 10 Pro, you will notice that your device will have a sleeker, lighter theme and new default desktop wallpaper that matches. The default ‘Start Menu’ has also had a makeover, having been simplified in to just one column.You won’t see these changes on older devices, but if you start using a new PC or user account on your current one, you should notice a cleaner start menu. Action Centre | Microsoft have also updated the action centre making it more user friendly.  A new brightness slider has been added, which is something users have been hoping for since it had been removed it in the first Windows 10 release. In addition, Microsoft have redeveloped the way users can edit the quick actions tab and are now able to do it directly from within the Action Centre without a separate settings window opening up. This works a lot better than the previous system, as you can move and adjust apps directly from within the Action Centre itself. You can now unpin groups of tiles by selecting the “Unpin Group from Start” option, meaning users don’t have to remove tiles in the start menu individually anymore. Password Free? | Microsoft are now trying out new ways to login in by going password free. A new feature allows users to create a Microsoft account without a password online. When we say this, we really mean that you still have to key something in, but you don’t have to actively remember it. Your account will now be linked to your phone number, with Microsoft texting you a security code whenever you try to sign in. Virtual Reality |  A new virtual reality platform called “Windows Mixed Reality” has been introduced and provides a virtual reality environment for Mixed Reality headsets. It previously let you run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps from the Store in the virtual environment. Now, an enhancement means you can launch any classic Windows desktop app and use it with a virtual reality headset. Windows 10 Pro Sandbox | Lastly Windows Sandbox is probably one of the more significant new features but, exclusive to Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise users. For those users running Windows 10 Home, Windows Sandbox is sadly not available. The new feature gives users the option to run a program with a higher security risk, in a virtual area away from your actual OS system. This enables you to run a program without putting your device at risk. If the program turns out to be unsafe, you can close the Sandbox immediately and it will be discarded forever.


Final Words |

We hope this blog has been both informative and useful. For more advice on the Windows 10 Pro update or HP devices, please contact the Nexus Fusion team. We are happy to take any questions! nf-icons