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Offering a range of software solutions services for business.

The whole development cycle, from requirement specification, to development
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Your business relies on certain software to function – so what happens when the software publisher’s interests don’t align with yours?

We often hear stories of software suppliers mistreating their base of invested users, forcing through unwanted changes to the product or pricing, or ignoring desperate pleas for much-needed updates and improvements. Indeed, once a software company has set its direction, the possibility of a mutually productive commercial relationship often goes out the window. You’re no longer dealing with a rational entity that can be negotiated with – not even in its own interest.

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Nexus Software Supply

To meet the dynamic needs of today’s modern business, organisations require a wide range of software and hardware solutions. With an ever-growing number of vendors and manufacturers presenting their offerings, choosing, and procuring the right technology is becoming increasingly complex. That’s where Nexus Fusion can help.

There are couple of quality attributes of software that are highly important for any organisation to succeed in delivering value to its clients. Software Architecture should be clear, concise, simple and easily understandable for Technical and Non-Technical resources.

With many years’ experience as software suppliers, to organisations of all sizes, software licensing knowledge remains one of our key areas of expertise and runs through all that we do. This deep understanding is reflected in the accreditations we hold, means every member of our team is perfectly placed to help you make the right choice for your individual needs.

Software can represent 31% of an organisation’s total IT budget, so efficient software procurement and management is an essential component of an effective business and technology strategy.

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Through our knowledge and experience, we will:

  • Identify the most cost-effective and flexible way to license your software – enabling your organisation to maximise its software estate and keep pace with the developments in technology.
  • Remain independent and vendor-agnostic – our impartiality means we help you find the most suitable software to meet your individual needs and objectives.
  • Use our purchasing power and strategic vendor alliances – to bring you the best technology at the best possible pricing.

If this sounds like something we can help you with, please contact our team for more information on software solutions.


Nexus provide high care and quality assurance to deliver accurately and efficiently no matter the lead time. The communication and the relationship we have developed and established with Nexus is a major benefit to our organisation.

Sam Defrond
Arch Insurance

Helping to drive your business to success.

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